Trip 'Spring 2004'
   Orienteering in Ukraine
   Zoopark in Rostov-on-Don
   d/o Pokrovskoe
   Savvino-storozhevsky monastery

Trip 'Autumn 2003'
   b/o Moryak

Trip to China 2002
   Conference PICES 11
   Excursion in Quindao
   Laoshan temple
   Hotel Fu Xin in Quindao
   Quindao at daylight
   Quindao at night
   Walking in Quindao
   Eating in Quindao
   Flight on Quindao

Trip to Baykal 2002
   Barguzinsliy zaliv
   Park-museum in Maksimikha
   One of the highest mountains of Baykal
   Buddhistic culture
   Path to home

Trip to Irkutsk 2001

Nadezhda 2000
   Race in august 2000
   Meeting at 2 september
   Primorsky strings
   Around world trip of "Nadezhda" in 2003

   Cat "Alpha"
   Some cats
   Destroyed car
   Flowers on villa
   Vladivostok sometime
   Shamora in may
   i.Popov before New Year
   Trip to Pidan
   Saint-Petersburg (photos from batch)
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